Mat Kissing

Mat Kissing is spectator without judging. She looks with a sharp look and records the broad lines but also the small, fragile. Her images are atmospheric in which the echo is echoed yet of the moment. With an intense concentration "Note" Mat. In her work Mat is looking for silence, space and light. Mat tries to capture the fleeting Kissing. Previously Mat worked with a lot of color, now she has reduced that to two basic colors, which she refined to many "colors" blends that can tell a whole story. For her etchings she reduces the topic "the man" to cells and structures, which, on the one hand, make visible and at the same time the invalidity of the man of a dark beauty are where you get sucked in, you want to find!
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140 x 110
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Bess, olie op linnen 2013 110 x 140
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Nannie, 160 x 130 olie op linnen 2009


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