I was born in 1951, and still living, in Nieuwveen, a small village near Amsterdam, and as soon as I could hold a pencil I started drawing. At first I wanted to be a cartoonist but all too soon I realized I missed the wit. About that time I discovered the world of old master painting. The world-famous Rijksmuseum is only about 20 km from where I live, so you can imagine I spent a lot of time in there studying all those unbelievable painters from the past. I've got a great admiration for all those artists that can really draw a line, use their imagination and are skilled craftsmen too so it is not too strange you see a lot of their influences on my own paintings. I knew what I had to do. With a bit of imagination and a suitable painting technique I try to create a world of my own. I don't care if it is different yes or no, too old fashioned or too modern, as long as the paintings are good enough.

een extra repetitie kan vast geen kwaad
een extra repetitie kan v...
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olieverf op paneel 33x44 cm
alleen op stap
alleen op stap
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olieverf op paneel 55x75 cm
Bij monumentenzorg liggen ze er wakker van
Bij monumentenzorg liggen...
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olieverf op paneel, 75x100 cm


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