Jos Aanraad

The painter Jos Aanraad was born in the Brabant village of Oud-Gastel in 1945. Jos turned out to be a natural talent, back in 1957, he obtained the first prize in a drawing contest. He earned a living as a house painter and in that time he has followed courses in drawing and painting in his spare time. The magazine "Tekenen en Schilderen" published in 1988 several pictures of his work. Later in the 80 's  Jos was a student of  the painter Cornelis Lemair. He learned the technique of underpainting and working with a seventeenth century color palette and which he continued in his own style. Since 1992 - his own Studio- Jos is a full-time professional painter. His preference is for making still lifes, but he also makes portraits, landscapes etc. mostly for clients. "The poetry of the things pictorially highlighted" so it was cited in one of the numerous articles that were published about Aanraad.

Singer oliespuitje en metalen trommel. Afm.30x40cm.
Singer oliespui...
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Emaille schaal met pruimen. Afm.30x40cm.
Emaille schaal ...
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Wit kruikje, blauwe fles en appelstroopblik. Afm.30x40cm.
Wit kruikje, bl...
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De white star line. Afm.30x38cm.
De white star l...
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De witte raaf. Afm.30x40cm.
De witte raaf. ...
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Theebusje en een tinnen inktpot. Afm.24x30cm.
Theebusje en ee...
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