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What does Dutch Master Painters do?

The core philosophy is pretty simple: we try to represent the artists through a combination of traditional and modern means. The obvious goal of many artists is that they want to be seen, so it is our goal to attract  many lovers (viewers) and present visual art in an appealing image. We will do our best to lead visitors to the right spot asap, so no endless quests. Professional artists also want to earn a living, and therfore we see a 2nd objective: we offer works by Dutch top painters on a global scale. Official opening event in October 2013.

Our activities:

• To unite artists in Dutch Master Painters guild:

-           top artists of the Netherlands and Flanders; the Masters
-           conenct the ‘old masters' with ‘ the new masters, old versus/ new Masters!
-           show Masters in musea
-           masterclasses
-           lift newcomers to proffesional level
-           expositions galleries
-           share knowledge

• Promotion Internet :

-           muliply website visitors, pull marketing for worldwide reach
-           search engine optimization; traffic boosting
-           statistic matching visitors and art

• Publish and spread  National/international Art Calendar

-           print, books in PDF and e-book, press
-           photografy/fotoalbums/work online

• Events, also third party

-           participate in large art fairs
-           thematic events supported by internet promotion

• Social media

-           usage of social media to reach international audience
-           facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia registration
-           videoproductions with viral marketing

• Internet/Viral Marketing

-           website with extensive gallery and online sales, lots of traffic
-           unique search engine (matching)
-           newsletters
-           High quality selection: Masters!
-           link with webshop International, multilanguage, international shipping
-           links to art sites

• Bricks & clicks: traditional art places and new ICT technology

-           Pop up shops: show art in temporary environments
-           E.g. museum Tongerlohuis Roosendaal, Markeizenhof Bergen op Zoom, Breda's Museum
-           ‘augmented reality’, virtual stuff in  pop up shops and environment
-           partnerships with other galleries


You can join the Dutch Master Painters 

-           registration by mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , with cv and portfolio
-           free upload of 3 images
-           in our gallery after quality check



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